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Leadership is About Letting Go

By on May 20, 2015 | 0 comments

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Recently a friend of mine was having a problem at work.

She was receiving a promotion to a new job within the company, but her current boss was not allowing her to start the new job for two months.

Without going into the details, there’s a lot of politics involved in this decision. That’s not important to speak about right now.

What is important to speak about is leadership.

In my opinion, my friends current boss was showing her true colors. Holding my friend hostage in her current job was showing that she was a poor leader.

The current boss knew that this is an unbelievable opportunity.

That my friend was a perfect person for the new job.

But the current boss refused to let my friend leave in less than eight weeks. She demanded that my friend rehire her own position.

Meanwhile, my friends new boss was chomping at the bit for her to get started.

As I have matured over the years, one of the big things that I have learned about leadership is that you have to let your people go.

It can be as easy as…

  1. Giving instructions and sending them off trusting the job will get done
  2. Telling a worn down team member to take a day (or week!) off work to clear their head.
  3. Letting the teammate go, knowing their heart isn’t in this job any more.

In my opinion, great leaders know when to let go and to what degree.

Sometimes leadership is about letting go.

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