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New Years Resolution: 2017

By on Jan 4, 2017 | 0 comments

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2016 was an absolute whirlwind of a year for me.

Over the past 12 months, I have …

…and I’m sure there was quite a bit more that I’m forgetting!

With that in mind, I wanted to publicly state my new years resolution.

Do less, but focus more on what I do

Just the act of *reading* my bullet-point recap of 2016 makes my heart speed up a little bit. Guess that’s the introvert in me 😉

Here in 2017, I really want to reduce the amount of projects/moving parts that I’m involved in and put more energy into the projects that remain on my plate.

This realization hit me when I read a random Twitter users take on productivity. Instead of posting a story about ‘how to be insanely productive and destroy huge to-do lists’, I distinctly recall her update said “Instead of hacking my productivity, I want to reduce the number of things I have to do and focus only on the truly important ones”

This idea really hit home for me. I’m taking her advice and sprinting with it into 2017.

So … what do I want to focus on?

I’d love to finish flight school and get my private pilots license before our annual family beach trip to Florida at the end of May.

I want to bring 10 non-profit clients onto the MKG client roster, specifically to share the awesome opportunities of Google’s Grant program for non profits that gives away $120,000 – $480,000 in FREE resources to non profits every year but yet so few NPO’s actually apply and manage those resources (ahhhhhhhhh!!!!) by the end of the year.

I want our real estate project to get off the ground and get all 4 houses we bought/fixed up rented by the end of March.

Last but not least, I want to continue embedding myself in the New Orleans tech and startup scene. I want to find a BIG IDEA to work on outside of MKG, so bring me the best you have 🙂

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