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Thoughts on Career Change From a Guy Who’s Never Changed Careers in His Life

By on Sep 2, 2014 | 0 comments

I received an interesting email this morning … A contact I made a few years back was interested in making a career change. The victim: His current advertising career. The opportunity: A job that allowed him to work in product or project management. … he asked me for some advice … “Do you have any advice on how to make a career change and/or anyone in those types of fields/roles I could talk to as well?” It took me a few minutes as I thought on his question: What advice did I have (if any)? After I compiled my thoughts and sent an email response, he thanked me for my time and mentioned the tips were super helpful and I should share them with others.  … which brings us to to this point … I’ve copy/pasted my three tips from that email. In no particular order, they are: Find Similarities & Connect the Dots Discover what type of company...

How to Hang On to Your Most Talented, Rock Star Employees

By on Aug 27, 2014 | 0 comments

There is tons of research available to help companies craft employment opportunities that attract and retain the best-and-brightest in their field. This article will not be adding to the clutter. Instead, I wanted to share a personal experience about managing our talented (and growing) team here at MKG Media Group. My Number 1 Rule to Retaining Rock Star Employees: Specific Recognition A recent Society for Human Resource survey found that a major source of employee happiness comes from being recognized for all their hard work from the management team. Additionally, a story from Graham Winfrey on found that one of the top reasons rockstar employees are annoyed with their company is from a lack of recognition for their hard work. So why aren’t companies recognizing their team members more often? I won’t even begin to attempt to make a blanket statement for all...

Establishing Values to Guide Personal and Business Decisions

By on Aug 25, 2014 | 0 comments

Let me tell y’all a little story … This week we met with two really exciting companies who found our work on the web and reached out to see if our agency could amplify their marketing efforts. One company was self-funded and is extremely profitable, boasting great margins and a really keen eye for where they wanted to expand within their market. The second company is a HOT startup based in Mountain View that has raised nearly 9-figures worth of venture funding and expanded into more than a dozen geographies in the past three years (talk about hockey stick growth!) … both of these companies told me the same thing … As we began our introductory conversations, both of the companies told me the same thing about our teams initial assessment of their products: “Wow, you’ve actually tried our service. Nobody else we’ve talked to yet has done that...

Negotiating Past a Speed Bump in a Business Deal

By on Aug 21, 2014 | 0 comments

This negotiating advice was given to me many moons ago (too many to count …) The first, and still to this day best, sales advice I ever heard was: “There are only 2 good answers in sales: ‘yes’ or ‘no’. ‘Maybe’ is a waste of your time.” If you’ve never heard this expression before, you may be experiencing the reaction I first had when I heard it: “What are you talking about? Maybe isn’t a no … so that’s good right?” Wrong. After working my tail off for the past three years starting MKG Media Group, I’ve learned how to break down the three answers you may receive: Yes is pretty self-explanatory; as in “yes, I’d like to give you a pile of money or valuables to perform XYZ…” No is a little bit more nuanced. No can be “no, not right now”, “not...

What Are You Shipping This Week?

By on Aug 19, 2014 | 2 comments

It’s opinion time … I was flipping through my Twitter feed when I saw Justin Jackson post this update: Start and ship something this week. — Justin Jackson (@mijustin) August 18, 2014   Which leads me to ask the question … If you had a banana gun to your head, what would you create and ship this week? Let the group know in our comments section below.